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Fluoride Applications for Children - Sugar Land, TX

Fluoride Applications for Children - Sugar Land, TX
Sweetpea Smiles - Sugar Land
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BY Sweetpea Smiles - Sugar Land

Children’s teeth are vital for their growth, not only does it help them in eating properly it can also assist them in gaining confidence when engaging with others. Milk teeth may be temporary, but it does not mean that it should be disregarded. Their milk teeth will be the guide and basis for the growth of their permanent teeth. Protecting the teeth during childhood will lead to better and healthier teeth which can benefit them when they are older. We at Sweetpea Smiles knows the value of the child’s teeth; we offer Fluoride application for the protection of their teeth to be stronger and healthier.

What is Fluoride Application?

Fluoride application is the procedure where dentists provide extra protection for the child’s teeth. Although fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can be easily taken from foods and beverages, there are specific factors which cause its loss. Demineralization is the process that happens in the child’s mouth where the acids attack the enamel and cause damage. Remineralization is needed where the teeth gather the minerals required to keep it healthy and reverse the effects of demineralization. Teeth’s enamel may be the strongest substance in the body, but it is still vulnerable to damage. Fluoride can aid with the protection of children’s teeth from acid attacks to prevent cavities from developing.

The Benefits of Fluoride Application To Children

  • Maintain the child's teeth at its healthiest state
  • Helps prevent the development of tooth decay
  • Fluoride can help reverse the earliest signs of decay
  • Professionally applied Fluoride ensures that the child’s teeth are adequately protected compared to those from dental products.
  • The treatment is effective not only for the children’s permanent teeth but also their milk teeth.

Top Sources of Natural Fluoride

  • Dental Products. Most dental products have added Fluoride, but for children, the amount taken should be guided. It is to make sure that they would not get too much Fluoride that has adverse effects on their dental health.
  • Fluoridated Community Water or Processed Beverages. Fluoride added to water has been performed to provide added protection and reduce the cases of tooth decay. Some people may not have fluoridated water in their community, but they can still have it from processed beverages which used this type of water during its production.
  • Non-organic fruits and vegetables. These products have Fluoride since it has been sprayed with Fluoride based pesticides while grown.
  • Non-organic Meats and Processed Foods. Animal bones have high amounts of Fluoride stored on it. It goes especially to those who are fed with grains which are also sprayed with fluoride-based pesticides.

Fluoride Treatments are highly essential for the protection of your child’s teeth. With the protection starting early it can benefit the children until they grow into their adult years. Practicing proper dental hygiene, care, scheduling regular cleanings, and checkups with Fluoride applications can help in the maintenance of the child’s overall dental health.Get added protection for your child’s teeth! Book your appointment with Sweetpea Smiles for our Fluoride Treatments in Sugar Land, TX. Our dental office is located at 15850 Southwest Fwy #400 Sugar Land TX 77478.

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