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What and Not to Do with Your Mouthguards in Sugar Land, TX

What and Not to Do with Your Mouthguards in Sugar Land, TX
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BY Sweetpea Smiles - Sugar Land

Giving extra protection for your children’s teeth means getting them a protective mouthguard. Whether for sports or night time used, mouthguards are helpful in keeping the teeth free from possible damages caused by the injuries or impact of the upper and lower teeth. Mouthguards are also used to combat bruxism or the grinding and clenching of teeth especially when sleeping. Failure to wear mouthguards when indulging in some strenuous physical activities may cause the teeth to break or chip. We at Sweetpea Smiles is focused on providing the best dental health services for our young patients. Since our young ones are still on their season of enjoying childhood activities on the field, sometimes it is inevitable that they may face mishaps. To prevent them from getting dental injuries, we offer the most reliable Custom Athletic Mouthguards in Sugar Land. The best thing about custom mouthguard is the fact that it is customized and well-fitted on the patient’s mouth. The patient will get the most from investing in a mouthguard without sacrificing comfort. The materials that we are using is highly durable compared to the other mouthguards, giving our young patients an excellent mouthguard experience!For athletes, wearing mouthguards is always effective. Athletes can still perform well with full safety. Children who are into these following sports are recommended by the American Dental Association and the International Academy of Sports Dentistry to wear mouthguards:

  • Basketball
  • Field Hockey
  • Ice Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Martial Arts
  • Track and Field
  • Gymnastics
  • Volleyball
  • Boxing

Mouthguards serve as a safeguard for mouth and teeth. To give back the right care, here are “what to do” and “what not to do” to the mouthguard:

What to do:

Clean it! Failure to clean the mouthguard will make it more prone to accumulate bacterias that might cause a lot of oral problems. To do this, rinse it immediately right after it is removed from the mouth. Brush it using either the regular toothbrush or a separate one but make sure that the brushing should be gentle. Applying toothpaste may not be necessary since other toothpaste may be abrasive enough for the appliance. After brushing the mouthguard, dry it in a clean, flat surface for about 15-30 minutes. Store it! Keeping the mouthguard in its case when not worn will prevent it from possible damage and warp. Also, when placing it in a bag, for example, make sure that it is inside its case to help it stay clean.Soak it! Deep clean the mouthguard by soaking it every once a week. An over-the-counter denture cleaner can be used as a mouthguard soak. However, it is not recommended to leave the mouthguard soaked overnight as it might damage the material.Replace it! Mouthguards, no matter how durable it is, needs to be replaced. Mouthguards wear out due to the pressure from the teeth. Bringing the dental appliance to the dentist will help evaluate its condition.

What not to do:

Share it! Sharing mouthguards to others means sharing and exchanging millions of bacterias in the mouth. Expose it! Mouthguards, when exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight might be distorted.Sweetpea Smiles is always ready to take action involving your child’s oral health. For your child’s Custom Athletic Mouthguards needs in Sugar Land, TX, book your appointment at 15850 Southwest Fwy #400, Sugar Land, TX 77478, USA.

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