Fluoride Applicationsin Sugar land, Texas

Fluoride treatment is a safe, effective way to fight cavities and keep your child’s smile healthy! Schedule your visit at Sweetpea Smiles for all your child’s preventive dentistry needs.
It is no secret that young children are susceptible to cavities. At Sweetpea Smiles, we provide valued solutions to help protect them from common tooth decay! Not only do we educate kids about ways to keep their teeth healthy and strong, but we also offer fluoride treatments as part of their routine preventative care. Fluoride treatments are a painless, quick, and widely used procedure that has been proven to fight cavities.

Children's Complete Checkup

Includes an exam, X-rays, cleaning and fluoride treatment.
$350 Value. Cannot be used with insurance or co-pay. New patients only. Limited time offer.

Why Does My Child Need Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride provides a means of protection for the tooth structure. While kids can get fluoride through community water or toothpaste, a professional fluoride treatment can provide the necessary safeguard against decay that your child needs as their smile develops and grows. If decay is neglected, it can lead to extreme pain and tooth loss. In fact, untreated tooth decay is a leading reason for missed school days. At Sweetpea Smiles, we can prevent, diagnose and treat cavities so that your child retains a confident, healthy life.

Cavity Protection With Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a naturally occurring substance that is known for battling tooth decay. Studies show that fluoride can prevent and even reverse early cavities. It works to strengthen teeth and remineralize areas where acid has begun to weaken the enamel (outer tooth layer). Essentially, the application of fluoride can create a stronger barrier against cavities.

To learn more about the benefits of fluoride treatments for kids, please contact our office today. Our experienced pediatrics dentist welcome the opportunity to educate parents and children about the importance of a healthy smile.

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Our Specialty Servicesin Sugar land, Texas

We are proud to serve Sugar Land children and families!
We welcome your family to our children's dental office. Our team is proud to provide comprehensive dentistry for infants, teens, and every age in between. We treat kids from all walks of life and stages of care, including special needs patients!
Comprehensive Kids Care
We go above and beyond to make your child comfortable!
It is crucial to create a comfortable experience for our young patients at Sweetpea Smiles. Our patient's comfort and ease is one of our top concerns. We offer a variety of sedation dentistry services so that your child won't need to worry during their next visit!
Safe Sedation Dentistry
We can give your child a straight, healthy smile!
Our team provides preventive, interceptive and full orthodontic treatments for children and teens, including space maintainers, crossbite correction, and arch expansion, to help your child smile with confidence again!
Early Orthodontics
We are here when you need us the most!
Accidents happen, and when they involve your child's teeth or mouth, they can be especially frightening. Whether it is a toothache, a broken tooth, or an injury to the soft tissue, please call our office immediately. Our caring dentists offer prompt emergency dental care to kids and teens!
Pediatric Emergency Care

Do You Take My Insurance?

Sweetpea Smiles works with many dental insurance companies, and we are happy to file and track your claims to help you maximize your benefits. We are in-network with most PPO plans which include the following: Cigna, Metlife, Delta Dental, Aetna, Guardian, BlueCross BlueShield, United Health Care, Principal Life Insurance Company, and Boon Chapman.

Do You Offer Financing?

Yes, we do! Sweetpea Smiles offers affordable patient financing through CareCredit. Patients who qualify can finance most or all of their out-of-pocket healthcare expenses with low monthly payments. We also offer a unique discount plan exclusively for our uninsured patients!

Do You Accept Walk-ins and Emergency Appointments?

Yes, we accept walk-ins as scheduling permits and offer emergency appointments to meet your child’s treatment needs. Our team also offers same-day treatment to help you fit dental care into your family’s busy schedule. Whenever possible, we will begin a treatment plan the same day your child is seen. Our family-block appointments also make it easy for families with two or more children to make time for dental visits. Siblings can be seen at the same time or back-to-back.
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